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1 Peter

The unknown author of this Epistle writes to the persecuted Christians. Many believe Peter the Rock and disciple of Jesus Christ wrote this letter because the words sound like his character. Others believe that a Galiean fisherman, whose native tongue was Aramaic, would be unable to accomplish the literary style used, and suggest Sylvanus or some unknown Roman teacher as helping Peter write his words. What can be certain, however, is the consistency and upholding of the words being writen and spoken by Paul are in agreement with 1 Peter, and reflect that the One they both serve is the same Lord, as they were both inspired by the same Holy Spirit to uphold the persecuted Christians in their walks with Jesus Christ.

  • 1 Peter 11:1-2 Salutation
  • 1:3-12 Salvation wrought by Father, Son, Holy Spirit
  • 1:13-2:3 Call to Christian dedication
  • 1 Peter 22:4-8 Christ the living stone
  • 2:9-10 God's own people
  • 2:11-17 Live as servants of God
  • 2:18-25 The example of Christ's suffering
  • 1 Peter 33:1-12 The behavior of wives and husbands
  • 3:13-22 Suffering and reward
  • 1 Peter 44:1-19 Good stewards of God's grace
  • 1 Peter 55:1-4 Shepherd of the flock
  • 5:5-11 Submit to God, resist the devil
  • 5:12-14 Farewell and peace

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