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The prophecy of Habakkuk is unique among all prophetic literature for the Hebrew poetry contained within. The first two chapters contain a dialogue between the prophet and the LORD God concerning the invasion of the Chaldeans and their destruction. Chapter 3 is a psalm with instructions given to the musicians for its rendering. In the first two chapters the prophet contends with the LORD GOD, and in the third chapter, he submits to Him.

Most commentators date Habakkuk's prophecy during the reign of King Jehoiakim. Nothing is known about the author Habakkuk. Because he is known to us only by name indicates the relative unimportance of the prophet, and the major importance of the prophecy. The theme of prophecy is judgment on Judah and Chaldea (Babylon).

  • Habakkuk 11:1-4 Why does God permit injustice?
  • 1:5-11 God’s use of the Chaldeans
  • 1:12-17 Why should God use the wicked?
  • Habakkuk 22:1-4 "The just shall live by his faith"
  • Habakkuk 2:5-20 Judgment of the unrighteous
  • Habakkuk 3Habakkuk 3:1-19 A prayer of Habakkuk

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