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James, probably the half brother of Jesus Christ, writes a specific message of Christian accountability, which carries over so completely into this Epistle of James. He talks about the faith of a believer when faced with tribulations, trials and temptations. He speaks of the proper response to the Word of God in faith. He brings faith to a place for all people through impartiality, and encourages the active faith in doing the works of teaching. He encourages the faithful to work against worldliness and natural desires, and warns of their dangers. A pillar of Christianity, his focus is not merely on faith and works, but stresses the need for a faith that works.

  • James 11:1 Salutation
  • 1:2-18 Faith and humility
  • 1:19-27 Hearing and doing the word
  • James 22:1-13 Impartiality toward all
  • 2:14-26 Faith that works
  • James 33:1-12 Dangers of the tongue
  • 3:13-18 True and false wisdom
  • James 44:1-10 Worldliness and pride
  • 4:11-12 Consideration for a brother
  • 4:13-17 Unchristian conduct
  • James 55:1-6 Warning to the rich
  • 5:7-18 Patience in affliction
  • 5:19-20 Saving the erring brother

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