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The prophecy of Malachi delivers stern rebukes to the people and priests to call them to repentance, and to promise future blessing. His theme is God's love for Israel in spite of the sins of the priests and the people, and is testimony to the graciousness of the LORD GOD in condescending to answer man's foolish and childish statements.

  • Malachi 11:1-5 The Lord’s love for Jacob
  • 1:6-14 The Lord rebukes the priests
  • Malachi 22:1-17 Israel’s unfaithfulness rebuked
  • Malachi 33:1-5 The approach of the day of judgment
  • 3:6-15 The payment of tithes
  • 3:16-18 The final lot of the righteous and the wicked
  • Malachi 44:1-6 The coming day of the Lord

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