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The prophecy of Nahum the Elkoshite is dominated by a single idea, the doom of Nineveh. He delivers a message of judgment and destruction against Nineveh and gives comfort to Judah to know that Assyria is doomed and constitutes a threat no longer. The prophet's name means "Consolation" which gives an indication of the purpose of the poetic prophecy. Nahum's mission was to comfort the kingdom of Judah following the destruction of Israel by Assyria, by announcing God's coming judgment on Nineveh, the capital of Assyria.

Nahum was born in Galilee, but during Israel's defection moved to Judah and in Jerusalem took up his ministry in behalf of Judah against Nineveh.

  • Nahum 11:1-15 God’s majesty in mercy and judgment
  • Nahum 22:1-12 The siege and destruction of Nineveh
  • 2:13 The overthrow of Nineveh
  • Nahum 33:1-19 The overthrow of Nineveh (cont)

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