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The English title "Revelation" comes from the first word of the book in Greek.  That word is apokalypsis, which means "the unveiling of something previously unrevealed.  In Revelation Christ and His eternal program are fully revealed, so that the book provides a fitting capstone to the New Testament revelation.  Revelation is prophetic in form.  It was written during a time of persecution by John, the author of the Gospel John.  The book is filled with visions and the style is generally figurative and symbolic.  The book contains many symbols and signs, such as numbers, colors, animals, stones, persons, groups and places. Some symbols are interpreted in the text itself; others have to be interpreted in the light of the Old Testament; and others may have no previous biblical connection.  Revelation is commonly referred to by the Christian believers when discussing things such as end times, rapture, tribulation, the mark of the beast and Judgment Day.

  • Revelation 11:1-3 The revelation of Jesus Christ
  • 1:4-8 Greetings to the seven churches
  • 1:9-20 A vision of the Son of Man
  • Revelation 22:1-7 The message to the church at Ephesus
  • 2:8-11 The message to the church at Smyrna
  • 2:12-17 The message to the church at Pergamos
  • 2:18-29 The message to the church at Thyatira
  • Revelation 33:1-6 The message to the church at Sardis
  • 3:7-13 The message to the church at Philadelphia
  • 3:14-22 The message to the church at Laodicea
  • Revelation 4 4:1-11 Around God's throne
  • Revelation 5 5:1-4 The sealed book
  • 5:5-14 The Lion and the Lamb
  • Revelation 6 6:1-17 The seals
  • Revelation 7 7:1-8 The 144,000 sealed
  • 7:9-17 The numberless multitude
  • Revelation 8 8:1-5 The seventh seal
  • 8:6-13 The trumpets
  • Revelation 9 9:1-21 The trumpets (continued)
  • Revelation 10 10:1-11 The angel and the little book
  • Revelation 1111:1-14 The two witnesses
  • 11:15-19 The seventh trumpet
  • Revelation 1212:1-2 The sun-clad woman
  • 12:3-4 The great red dragon
  • 12:5-6 The man child
  • 12:7-9 Michael
  • 12:10-17 The blood of the Lamb
  • Revelation 1313:1-10 The first beast
  • 13:11-18 The second beast
  • Revelation 1414:1-5 The Lamb
  • 14:6-13 The messages of the angels
  • 14:14-20 The harvest of the earth
  • Rev. 1515:1-8 Preparation of the seven vials
  • Rev. 1616:1-21 The vials of wrath
  • Rev. 1717:1-18 The doom of Babylon predicted
  • Rev. 1818:1-24 The fall of Babylon
  • Rev. 1919:1-5 Those in heaven praise God
  • 19:6-10 The marriage supper of the Lamb
  • 19:11-21 The rider on the white horse
  • Rev. 2020:1-15 Satan bound for a thousand years
  • Rev. 2121:1-8 The new heaven and the new earth
  • 21:9-27 The new Jerusalem
  • Rev. 2222:1-5 The new Jerusalem (continued)
  • 22:6-21 Christ is to come quickly

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