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Ruth provides an important link in the unfolding messianic genealogy.  It emphasizes the sovereign activity of the LORD GOD's provisions in the affairs of His People.  Ruth shows that the LORD GOD's promise to the seed of Abraham carries on through the troubled time of the judges, as well as moving events toward the salvation of Gentiles. Historically, this book provides information to the customs that surrounded the time period of Judges.  It also provides a great role modeling for Christian women, and gives instruction in practical living. The author of this book is not known, although Samuel is one of the most prominent that is suggested as author.

  • Ruth 11:1-14 Misfortunes of Naomi's family in Moab
  • 1:15-22 Returns with Naomi
  • Ruth 22:1-3 Gleans in the field of Boaz
  • 2:4-23 Boaz shows favor
  • Ruth 33:1-7 Naomi instructs
  • 3:8-18 Claims Boaz as kinsman
  • Ruth 44:1-10 Boaz redeems the inheritance
  • 4:11-12 Boaz marries
  • 4:13-22 The generations of Boaz and Ruth

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