Jesus Heals Peter’s Mother- in –Law:

This lesson is about the healing power of Jesus. Because Jesus healed Peter’s mother in law we know that Jesus has the authority to heal disease. We need to remember Jesus died on a cross to pay the punishment for the wrongs that we have done. He suffered for us. Then, Jesus was buried. The greatest news if all is that three days later, Jesus came back to life. Because He is alive, we know that He can take away all our sins. This miracle shows us that if we believe in Jesus, one day, He will take us to heaven with Him.

Matthew 8:14-15 ; Luke 4:38-39; Mark 1:29-31

By Joanne Holstein

Key words: Matthew 8, Luke 4; Mark 1, Jesus heals peters mother in law, possessed man in synagogue in Capernaum, disciples simon and andrew, high fever, healing power of Jesus, value of life, sickness teach us spiritual lessons, world tainted by sin sickness disease death, romans 8, matthew 17, luke 13, john 1, john 3

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